The Salon Culture that Lived with Twylla Jane

Episode Summary

Twylla Jane is a global Redken Artist, a stylist behind the chair, a social media influencer and the owner of Lumos Nox Salon in Naperville, IL, in the greater Chicago metro area. In this episode, Twylla talks with host Blake Reed Evans about their salon culture, which promotes gender inclusivity, personal expression, and respect for boundaries among guests and staff.

Episode Notes

Twylla Jane cuts hair for humans. That means whatever your gender identity or sexual orientation, you are welcome at Twylla’s Chicago area salon, and you’ll pay the same prices and be offered the same services as any other human who walks in the door. What’s more, the salon culture encourages self expression and has measures in place to make sure each individual’s personal pronouns are respected. And did we mention the salon is Harry Potter themed? Also in this episode: silent appointments, tips for dealing with burnout, and lots of laughs! Plus, find out what TV drama character host Blake Reed Evans is named after. 

Twylla Jane is a global Redken Artist, a social media influencer, and the owner of Lumos Nox Salon in Naperville, IL. Follow Twylla on Instagram @twyllajane and check out their salon page @lumosnoxsalon, or at You can also find Twylla’s videos on TikTok: twyllajane

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